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Portrait Project – 33/52

First of all, please take note that I am posting week 33 portrait, in week 33. I have finally caught up. Yay to me!

No more backed-up posts! It’s a semi mammoth effort, but I made it, folks, and I thank you for your patience.



This week’s post is to highlight the celebration of Indonesia’s Independence Day. The 69th celebration was taken place at the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra. A formal ceremony was held, and there was singing (of Indonesian hymns and children songs) by Indonesian/Australian kids right after the ceremony.

Bright eyes and excited, the red-topped kids were herded in one room, to get ready for their performance. It didn’t matter that they had to line up and wait for a while, as long as their friends and siblings were there to kill the time.


These are the faces of our future. Dirgahayu Indonesia!


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