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Portrait Project – 33/52

First of all, please take note that I am posting week 33 portrait, in week 33. I have finally caught up. Yay to me!

No more backed-up posts! It’s a semi mammoth effort, but I made it, folks, and I thank you for your patience.



This week’s post is to highlight the celebration of Indonesia’s Independence Day. The 69th celebration was taken place at the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra. A formal ceremony was held, and there was singing (of Indonesian hymns and children songs) by Indonesian/Australian kids right after the ceremony.

Bright eyes and excited, the red-topped kids were herded in one room, to get ready for their performance. It didn’t matter that they had to line up and wait for a while, as long as their friends and siblings were there to kill the time.


These are the faces of our future. Dirgahayu Indonesia!


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Portrait Project – 25/52



Indonesia Presidential Election 2014 is just around the corner. Literally. On the 5th of July, Indonesians in Canberra will head to our embassy to cast our vote, to use our right to choose our president (and vice president) for the next five years; ahead from people in Indonesia, who will vote on the 9th of July.

This blog is not a political blog, it never is. It is still a photoblog, but for this week’s portrait project, I’m happy to dedicate it to this cause. People who were happily gathered in front of the Parliament House in Canberra last Sunday, despite the cold weather, were there to show support for candidate No.2 of this year’s Presidential Election, Jokowi/JK (Joko Widodo/Jusuf Kalla). We read our declaration of support, and proudly stand our position for a better Indonesia.


I’m glad I was there to capture this special moment. Everybody was just buzzing with such great energy and positive vibe which I hope I captured well with my camera.



This is the time when to be ignorant is no longer a choice. At least for me.

Let’s pray for a better Indonesia, and VOTE!

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