Family Portraits, Family of Five – Lennox Garden – Canberra

Family Portrait - Family of Five

Here we are back again at Lennox Garden, Canberra. What can I do, the park is vast, and beautiful. Each corner offers different colours and foliage. The colours and ambiance change as the sun moves to west. I was here this time with this lovely family of 5. Natalie and Mark’s gorgeous girls clad in head to toe pink-white-sparkles aged 5, 3 and 7 months. Surrounded by his darling ladies, Mark looked all cool and loved up.

The day was warm, the girls ran all different direction as soon as they stepped their feet on the park. It’s a good think the little one couldn’t walk yet, we didn’t have to chase her up.

girls sibling - little girls

This period in young families is so precious because time has this tendency to flies right before your very eyes. Having ‘snapshots’ of each of the girls at this age is a must. You will look back in the future and see how even in these ages they already show you their unique personalities. Precious!

You and Me

Don’t forget your couple shots! Once we have kids, the ‘us’ part as a couple often gets forgotten. Every picture is all about the kids. Let’s stop. As the family grows, the kids grow, mom and dad (the couple!) grow too. Try to remember when was the last time you took a nice photo with your partner? If the answer is at your wedding day, I think it’s high time for you two to get new ones.


3 girls


Girls ONLY



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