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Welcome to my personal project update.

This project is the final assignment at CIT – Photography (Canberra Institute of Technology) to complete my Diploma course. This was my second and final year of studying photography, after deciding to put a pause on my business. The 2021 school terms have been rudely disrupted, most of us began the new year catching up and finishing all the assignments from last term.

These past few months have been quite challenging like the rest of the past two years thanks to the pandemic. To create something new that pushed my skills and creativity during this pandemic was both exciting and infuriating with equal measure. I am so happy I am at the finish line. I am quite proud and happy with these images. I hope you enjoy them too.

This project was inspired by artworks by famous artists of the past who have been known to use specific colour palettes to prompt certain responses from audiences. Artists such as Claude Monet, Picasso, or contemporary ones like Mark Rothko who apply colours very intentionally and brilliantly. They understood the varying degree of people’s responses to colours, hues, saturations, and brightness. Each colours has the power to evoke emotions and affect our psychological state in such different ways.

I love the idea of isolating colours to really emphasise the the feeling of each image. I accomplished this by the use of studio and natural lighting. I’ve used flowers to carry the colours, as they represent nature’s pure colours, and they were available during this last lockdown! Each flower imbues specific meaning and symbolism and helped me to create a truly evocative series.

Click the coloured button on top of each image section for a full page of images.

If I still see you here, thank you. Hope you enjoy this project. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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