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Hi. My name is Ayu. I am a family photographer and portrait photographer based in Canberra, Australia.

I am your friendly neighbourhood photographer, ready to help you out with all your memory keeping needs. I create portraits for you and your family. Don't worry mums, I help you herd your children, while I make sure to keep them happy and smile naturally. You do not have to worry or keep apologising about your kids' behaviour in front of camera to me, because I understand it all too well. I have two growing children who have mastered their skills in how-not-to-behave-in-front-of-camera for me since they were just tiny tots.

I am also here to offer my service to you, corporate/companies or individuals who want to have fresh and professional looking headshots for your businesses. A great headshot of yourself helps to increase the presence of your company/personal branding, to ultimately better your connections with your clients.

Got questions? Give me a shout, let's connect.

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