14/52 Portrait Project – 2014

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I was reading up for some ideas for my post today.¬†I was reading a wide variety of photography techniques you can do in creating portraits. So many interesting ideas out there,which I’m sure I will visit again in the future, but in this wet Sunday, taking portraits using low light¬†caught my intention.

I decided to use a single candle light to be the sole light source of my portrait today. It was dusk, we were in the room with the blind shut. I was in luck today as my girl was in a mood to play along. It helped that the little heart-shaped candle holder was her creation that she made at school.

It’s cute how a single light could be so mesmerizing.

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  1. Jess64

    Wow that is a beautiful photo.

    1. [ayu]

      thank you! glad you like it..x

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