Portrait Project – 15/52

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This weekend I had another opportunity to take portraits of fashion models at an event. It was at Hustle&Scout twilight fashion market, at the Forage, in Canberra. The difference to the ‘traditional’ fashion event was, these models were draped in food. Working together with make up artists, hair stylists and stylist they created different themes to ‘dress’ the models in seasonal local produce (fruits and vegetables), and baked goods, like bread.

The styling and all the behind-the-scene prep before the photo shoot was done right there on the floor in front of us the public, so we could witness how they created the look from the beginning to end.

I did not get the chance to see the final look of everyone, because I had only limited time and there were still many things to see around there. From high-end vintage clothing,  to accessories and other fashion items, all by Australian designers were featured there. It’s a shoppers/fashionista paradise.

There were other models in the building, wearing real clothes this time, who rocked the vintage look and looking gorgeous while walking amongst us mere mortals.

I love the challenge of taking portraits at an event such as this one. There were many people at the event, I had to carefully time my shot so that my subjects could stay as the main focus, not blocked by anyone, and sharp. This means I had to maintain the shutter speed fast to get the shot. The lighting was not consistent in the venue, so I set my ISO setting to ISO Auto. It kept me from fiddling around and changing ISO every time the lighting changed. This really was a great event. I’m looking forward for the next one.

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