Escape to the Sun

  • 3 mins read

Canberra winter is always mean. It can really bite. Even though we have the most brilliant winter days here, meaning freezing temperature and sunny, with blue bright sky, it is always nice to be able to go out and feel the warm sun while you are not buried in layers of bulky clothing. Last weekend we did just that. Our family spent a weekend away to Broulee Beach, NSW, about two an hour drive away from Canberra. Lucky for us, the weather was excellent last weekend. It was sunny and 23 degrees warm. The water was still freezing cold, but it did not faze the kids. The kids and our dogs enjoyed our days in the warmth immensely.

I am actually one of the people I know who like winter, since I hate to sweat; but I am looking forward for this winter to be over. I miss the longer daylights and brighter colours.

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Here are some of the happy faces, two legged and four legged alike. And as per usual, no matter how much I tried to in the photos with my family, I failed. Only have the one, when I left the beach with Bruno, to go back home and back to the reality of laundry. Ha! Hope to see you again, beach!

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