13/52 Portrait Project – 2014

  • 2 mins read

This week’s portraits were not really my usual cup of tea. I mean, yes, I do portraits photography, but I do more of lifestyle photography; candid photos in an events or taking portraits in an event, where the fashion or what the people are wearing is not really the focus of the photographs.

This weekend, there was an opportunity to take portrait of real models. What’s more interesting was the fact that the models were acting like mannequins and uniformly made up ‘mannequin-like’ in their black short bob and cherry red lipsticks (excluding the male models). This fashion event, ‘Guardians of Style’, was a part of winter fashion campaign for Canberra Centre. There were several fashion show at the Canberra Centre all weekend, and right after these shows, the models would walk to several designated spots inside the Canberra Centre to stop and pose mannequin-like. They had to stand very very still, minimise their blinking frequency (I assumed), moved in choreographed pose with no smile, zero engagement, and stiff expression.

It was an interesting experience, I gotta say. There was no expression to capture as they were all looked (almost) expression less with no emotions. Fashion had to be the focus of the photographs.

I’ve never taken photographs of real models before, so it was a real treat.

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