On your bike!

  • 3 mins read

Travelling with kids in their age right now was great. We could do so much more than just walking around pushing the pram in a flurry of feeding and changing diapers in exotic places. They could ride bikes now. On their own, and actually enjoying it. So that’s what we did. We drove to a little town called Weert, which was close to my in-law’s place in Bornem. We rented bikes, joined by my in-laws, and spent the day just riding bicycle around the area. It was Spring of 2015 in Belgium, and the weather was just perfect.

I’m pretty clueless with directions and reading maps, but here is the area where we cycled. We did a 17 km loop, where we had to cross the water twice. It was quite fun to do, and it gave the kids (and me) much needed rest along the way. If we weren’t crossing the water, we were spoiled by the view we passed as we cycled through the countryside. We learned soon enough that using a church as a landmark was useless because they are everywhere. They were literally a stone’s-throw away wherever you were. Don’t believe me? Just look at the map!

We took many beer/ice cream stops as well, to even out the calories burnt that day.

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