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Here is my Ms. 5 with her best friend Caspar. They started school when they were 3, and  they have been friends ever since. They rarely see each other now because they don’t go to the same school anymore. To organise a playdate on the weekend is a pain, and our weekdays are packed with schools and after-school activities.

So you can imagine her excitement on the day when I took these photos. It was Caspar’s little brother’s birthday, and Ms 5 was invited. A couple of days before the Day she picked her dress, took it out and laid it out on top of her drawer. She repeatedly warned me not to accidentally put it away in the laundry. She woke up earlier that Sunday, and bouncing on the wall impatiently waited until she could change into her party dress, get ready and go.

As soon as we arrived she ran and gave Caspar (who had been waiting by the door) a big hug and off they went together. They looked like they had tremendous fun watching -and assisting- the magician performing that day.

I really love to take photos in a small event like this birthday party. The kids were very playful and happy. They completely ignored me (and my camera) because they were totally engrossed in watching the magician. The happy faces, the big laughs, and their honest expressions were all so natural. I know that in the future  I can look back at these pictures and will be brought back to the fun and laughter of that moment. A great keepsake of a beautiful moment and beautiful friendship.




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