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Last May, my sister-in-law got married. We were lucky enough to attend the wedding, which took place in Belgium. We survived the 33-hour long trip -door to door- from Canberra to Belgium, surprised the in-laws who knew nothing of our arrival, spent three weeks of holiday in Belgium and its neighbouring countries, and ended the holiday with the family wedding.

In this post, I am featuring the dress. This is a part of the ‘before’ moments I captured that day. With many hours and thoughts spent to find the ONE perfect dress, I think it deserves an editorial page of its own. I want the bride to remember all the details about the dress, the shoes, and accessories, and have something to take her back to that day. The other part of the ‘before’ moments I captured are not to be shared today: when the bride was getting ready for the big day. They were the moments when her mother (my mother-in-law) helped her to get into the big wedding dress, when mom helped the bride with her accessories, with putting on shoes while fighting that pesky tulle (it’s not a small task I tell you).  They were happy and excited moments, as well as bittersweet.

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