Day 99 #Project365

99-365 easter eggs

This was not the planned shot. Whilst my kids still busy hunting all those chocolate bunnies and eggs around the backyard, I was compiling the ones they already found into a neat pile trying to get me a nice shot. I should have known better. Oblivious to his mother already taking an odd position on the floor in front of these eggs, Mr 8 came back to his chocolate treasure and grabbed his easter eggs unceremoniously. Just like that my intended shot gone out of the window.

The good thing was, I actually like how the photo turned out. I think it showed a glimpse of what actually happened on the easter morning at my house. We parents tried hard to explain to our children the meaning of this holiday, that it goes beyond the chocolate glory. That even though the kids were introduced to the fun of the chocolate egg hunting they must not stuff their faces with them, that eating chocolates that fast you almost seem to inhale them is bad for you. Especially if you do that before lunch time. But I guess partial deafness was one of the side effects of chocolate overdosed, so I tried to calm myself with some coffee and one or two chocolate eggs myself.

Another point that I was trying to make with relation of taking photos was that sometimes what I had in my head didn’t always translate very well in the execution, or could not even be executed. However, even when that happened the picture could still work providing we keep an open mind about it and just went with it. Spontaneity works!

Happy Easter, everyone. Enjoy the chocolate filled weekend and remember to pace yourself 😉

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