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the 100th birthday: night celebration

enlightened cafe

Now is the time to highlight the night entertainment during the Canberra Day long weekend. Again, I was a bit overwhelmed by the choices. Having a young kid who refused to walk by herself after 9 PM did help us remove some of the (fun) choices. The events were basically sprawled in the same area. But the area was quite big for tiny legs to walk all the way around so we decided to come two nights, taking different point of start on each, just to try to see everything.

On these nights, the National Library, the Old Parliament House, Questacon and the National Gallery was beautifully enlightened. Some graphic and colourful light was projected to the outer walls of these buildings so they looked quite spectacular. The surrounding areas were all busy with activities. I did not use my tripod these two nights since I wanted to move around and see as much as I could.

I have to say I really enjoyed taking photos that night. Everything seemed more dramatic at night. Somehow.


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Day 24 #Project365



This is the North side. Canberra is divided into the North and the South side (in my outmost simplistic way). It takes you 20 minutes to go anywhere in Canberra. Even if its not true that’s what people would tell you anyway.

I live closer to the South side so journey to the North side is infrequent, except for this week. Dropping off my dog to the kennel tomorrow will make it my 3rd time to the Northern part this week alone. I’m not sure how I feel about this, I need more time to ‘process’.

One thing I love though about the North side is the sky. This is apparently my opinion alone, because I’ve checked with many people and not one person agreed with me. I think the clouds always look so dramatic in the North skyline. The sky looks wider, more colorful and just more oomph(!).

I. Love. It.

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