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The Glorious Two, Family Portraits – Canberra in Autumn


two sisters in golden light


Sarah, the mother of these two gorgeous sisters, initially contacted me because she wanted to have decent (and recent!) photos of her daughters.  She was reluctant to be included  in the session, so I was glad I insisted and managed to convince her and Mani, her husband, to join their daughters in our delightful afternoon photo session.


The autumn season started quite late this year, the weather was warmer and quite unpredictable. The colours around here in Canberra have started to turn, and even though it was early, the autumn colours were there and they were beautiful. The girls made my job really easy, as they were happily playing and running amongst the fallen leaves. Too bad Mani had to leave so soon, Sarah and the girls continued our fun session among the trees. The sun came out behind the clouds towards the end and gave us that gloriously warm and delicious golden glow as we wrapped up the day.


Little Girl, Portrait in Autumn, Canberra

Little girl, Autumn Family Portrait Canberra

Family Portrait, Ayu Srimoyo Photography Canberra



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Family Portrait in Spring

Summer is just around the corner, you can almost taste it. Let me take you back to Spring for the moment. One bright joy that comes out of Spring is the explosion of colors everywhere, especially here, in Canberra. The beautiful colours of pink and white of cherry blossoms that are sporadically spruced up around Canberra can easily lift your spirit up, and make you happy and joyful.  If you do not suffer from hay fever, spring easily can be one of the best and most beautiful season here.



Spring Fling Family Portrait - Ayu Srimoyo Photography Canberra




These portraits were taken at the beginning of Spring. Ideally, if cherry blossoms is what you are after as a backdrop of your outdoor portrait, it would even be worth it to brave the cold at the last two weeks of winter.  Some beautiful blossoms have been known to pop out when we Canberrans are still bundled in our warm jackets at the end of our winter hibernation. Once they popped out we have only 3 – 4 weeks to enjoy their vibrant colours before they change into not-so-exciting green foliage.

These two families were just so lovely to photograph. Small moments make special images, as you can see in some of the images above. I love to capture those moments. The lovely colour backdrop certainly didn’t hurt.


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