10/52 Portrait Project – 2014

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I’ve been wanting so long to try on taking pictures underwater. Last week, I finally got the chance to do it. Using my daughter’s red Lumix* camera (her christmas present from last year), the three of us had tremendous fun goofin’ around taking photos in our backyard pool.

I took close to a hundred photos that day, but I think only ONE (shown above) I really like. In the photo, the light was perfect, no excessive bubbles around that could distract, and what a mega watt smile plastered on her face, eh?!  Imagine the potential money wasted had it been the old instant underwater camera that I used instead of the digital one of today.

Taking photos underwater was very challenging. There’s all the bubbles to navigate through, the sunlight that shone through the water (that most of the time unevenly lighting the subject), the subject’s ‘decent’ expression to capture (and not the eye bulging cheeks popping, the holding-the-breath-in kinda face), and so much more. Oh, also keep in mind that you have to hold your breath longer to stay down at the bottom of the pool when taking the shots, while keeping steady hands while doing all of the above. It’s also worth mentioning the uncontrollable floating hair that could block the camera (thus your vision) completely.

The fun would not be complete without trying out a selfie underwater. Yes I did. Limited time was spent doing this, though, as the heavily chlorinated water stung my non-goggled eyes. How do models do it? I spent hours with foggy vision right after.

Here are a couple of ‘more presentable’ photos of the bunch. Plus my selfie. Of course.

Anyone has more tips and tricks for underwater portraits photos, please leave link on comments below. Much appreciated!

* Camera used: Lumix DC Vario – waterproof (dive to 7m deep), shockproof, and dustproof

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  1. ohdearria

    My boy has the same camera, might try this too, Ayu! 🙂 and I like your selfie…I reckon its fun doing this stuff, good job

    1. [ayu]

      The same camera?! Awesome. I call this the little camera that could.. haha. You should really try it underwater. It’s great fun.

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