Never have I expected to write a post titled Durian. But here it is. For those who have never heard of the word (easy, people, I’m sure these people exist), Durian is a name of a fruit. It’s knows from its thorny skin (thorn=duri in Indonesian, thus the name: Durian), and distinctive smell. To those who like it, it’s just a normal smell, but to those unfamiliar with the fruit, like my son for example, he said it’s one of funkiest stench he’s ever smelled (granted, he’s only been here 9 odd years or so, and there are other bad smells in the world). Some would say, toilet-like, but hey, it’s just an opinion, you get the idea.



One night, my friend and a couple of her friends took me and Hubby to this place in Singapore to enjoy some Durians. The place is located in Geylang. I don’t remember which alley (lor), so Google it if you want to go to this place. Beware, this area is also known as the red district area. I’m sure it’s unrelated. But in case you encounter some odd scenes, you’ve been pre-warned…

Anyhow, this is one of the best things of living in Asian cities, and Singapore is no different. The city  just never sleeps, which reminds me of Jakarta as well. After our beautiful supper nearby, we headed to this place. The place was set up like a normal off-the street restaurants, with tables and chairs, the difference was, they only serve fruits. Mainly Durians. We got there close to midnight, and the place was so bright, and relatively busy. Next to where we sat, there was a group who looked like they were from the same workplace, having fun together while enjoying some Durians there, like it was their typical office lunch time. It’s just instead of day time, it’s midnight, and not lunch meal, just Durians. It’s a very interesting place.


click image to view in larger size

The attendants were friendly. Well, at one point he was even a bit too friendly, but he was very helpful. With his large bare hands he picked up one Durian or two, and he led us to the arrays of Durians that looked exactly the same (to me), but apparently came in wide variety of prices. We picked four Durians (three for S$30 plus one of S$70) for the five of us that night. Once we made our decision, another attendant came to help us open the fruits, then left us to enjoy them on our table. Disposable gloves were available for patrons who didn’t want to use their bare hands when consuming the fruit. I did not even notice there were gloves around until we finished. That’s how durian-excited I was…


Not long after, everything was finished. My belly felt as if it was almost bursting from being too full. It’s been awhile since the last time I ate Durian, my body went into a bit of shock the morning after. Even without consuming any alcohol the night before I had such a big hangover the following morning, a durian hangover you could say. I could only drink a cup of mint tea for breakfast. And that is so NOT me. I don’t even drink tea. It’s crazy.

I love the experience, though. Thank you Rini, for bringing me there.



ps: they sell other fruits too, btw

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water play

Who doesn’t love a holiday. No one, that’s who. Even a simple play and swim at the pool, somehow, felt different when you are on your holiday. We are taking a couple of weeks off of our ‘normal life’ and have been spending our days in Singapore. Leaving windy and cold Canberra, I welcome the change of temperature with a happy heart. For my kids, though, the hot and humid temperature was quite a shock. Haven’t been used to sweat all the time they couldn’t wait to hop in the pool and were happy just to stay there and goofin’ around for hours to keep cool.






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hair play



The idea was to take a clean head shot of my daughter in her short do. She has been rocking this for a while now, but a couple of months ago when we decided to chop it off from her below shoulder length, we were amazed by how drastically different she looked. I love this hair on her, because it’s so easy to maintain, and light. No more 15 minutes before school hair battle trying to untangle everything and comb/braid/brush/pin/pull it into submission. I blamed the hair every time we arrived late at school.

Normally whenever I want to take a portrait of her, she IS the challenge for the shoot, since she is just unable to sit still. This time the swing and the wind came into play and conspired to not make the shoot any easier to take. Try to find her little face behind all that flying hair!

I’m glad I finally got the shot. I’m not sure when I can see her hair this short again after she told me yesterday that she wants to let it grow long from now on. Yep! Down to her bum. Damn that Rapunzel!



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as far as my eyes can see



Canberra has enjoyed a superb spring to date. It was straight up warmer weather, clear sky, and plenty of sun from the moment the sun was rising on the 1st of September. Everywhere you looked you could see that everything seemed so much brighter, and you, the non-hay fever sufferers you, could happily inhale that fresh spring smell in the air. Some said it was a fake spring, because the weather was really too good to be true. It was as if someone switched off the winter button, and on came the warmth and all the beautiful colors.

These images were taken only last week at the National Arboretum. I have never driven around the area, and I thought I could probably capture some interesting colours of the trees with my new lens by going closer. No luck with colourful leaves, but I was amazed with the view. Depending on where you stand, some spots allow you to see really really far away. Especially in a clear day like that day, I think the view was just amazing. The whole spread of land was in front of me. There was a line of trees following the curvy landscape of the hill, then you could see the scattered dots of faraway trees as far as your eyes could see. The colours then changed into the shades of blue of the mountain range and the beautiful sky.



Today, what some of us have predicted came true. The cold wind was here again, and I heard the temperature is going to drop again in the weekend. I guess we have to wait until October to really enjoy the warmer days of spring in Canberra. In any case, it was an enjoyable two weeks of fake spring. I can’t wait for the real one to kick in.




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monkey business


monkey boy

In this rare occasion, Mr 9 did not actually run (or made stupid silly faces/blocked his face with various objects/hid his face) when I asked him to stop, stand still and look at my camera. I did not ask him to pose or anything, because I’ve learned my lesson and I know enough by now how to ‘work’ my own kids.

I love his expression. His eyes were intense, expressive and so boyish. Without any form of bribe this usually happens once in a blue moon. There was cheekiness in the way he stared at me through the lens. The fact that there was a ‘pet’ monkey dangling on his neck was so incredibly him. I could not tell him to take the monkey off his neck. This portrait was taken on his terms.  Monkey or no portrait at all. Grateful that a possible blue moon was rising that day, I decided monkey it is…

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  • Ausaf Abidi26/10/2013 - 12:43 pm

    Wonderful portrait of a very handsome young man!
    My Mr.9 behaves exactly same way 🙂ReplyCancel