Twinkling Lights – a belated Xmas post

Ok. I am well aware that this is January and no longer Christmas. But, as I mentioned several posts ago, I am doing a big catch up in post processing my back log photos, and I am up to doing photos from last December already(yay!).

I was practising with the Christmas lights and ornaments guided by the DPS (Digital Photography School)’s Christmas tutorial. I was happy with the results. Those big colourful lights were exactly what I was after.

twinkle light

I did the shots with high ISO (2000 or 2500), with my lens at its widest opening (f/1.4). I had to move around the room, turning off/on this light and that, using chair to put the Lego ornament, but was too lazy to use a tripod (mind you, the idea to do this came really late at night so my energy level was already low).

twinkle light 2


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