the perfect dusk


colored tree

What I feel when standing in a beautiful place that is gleaming with golden hour light can be likened to a kid who stands in the middle of a candy shop. Wide eyed and excited, we like everything we see and we want to take it home. And there is A LOT of things we like. However, unlike the colourful candies that a kid can buy and take home, I can only take the beautiful view I see and capture it in photographs.

As it happened, just last Saturday I was lucky enough to stand in the middle of a beautiful property called Lanyon Homestead, and found myself basking in the glorious golden hour sun. I was that kid in the candy shop. There was so much to capture as the golden light seemed to intensify the beauty of the place. To have some great friends along to enjoy the perfect setting was…perfect. It was a joy to capture these friendly faces looking so relax and happy in a perfectly beautiful backdrop. Autumn dusk has never looked more beautiful.


lovely Lu


ps: Lanyon is one of my favourite places to take photos. It’s beautiful all year long, even in winter. Check out this post from my visit last winter for more photos of Lanyon Homestead.

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