This agreement is between Ayu Srimoyo Photography,  “the Photographer”,  and the signer(s) of this portrait photography agreement,“the Client”, collectively referred to as the “Parties”, under the terms and conditions detailed below.

  1. The Parties are aware that a Portrait Sitting Session can only commence after the following:
    • The Photographer has delivered her price list, and it is understood by clients
    • The Client has filled the booking form
    • The Client has read and agreed to this terms and conditions document
    • The Client has paid the sitting fee in full. This retainer is not refundable but may be transferable at the discretion of the Photographer (e.g. unforeseen emergency situation, weather constraint, sickness)
  2. In the case where the Photographer is not available to shoot for any reason, the Photographer will notify the Client of the change as soon as it is known and propose another date, or provide another photographer with equivalent skills.
  3. To avoid disruption to our session, no family or friends (that are not included in the photo session) are allowed to come to location. The Photographer is the sole photographer at the portrait sitting, therefore no other cameras (pocket, DSLR, camera phones) are permitted to be used at the portrait sitting.
  4. The Client can expect to view the images no later than 10 business days after the portrait sitting session.
  5. All orders must be placed within 7 days of the viewing/proofing session, otherwise prices current at the time of ordering will apply.
  6. All orders must be confirmed in writing and accompanied by full payment unless by prior agreement.
  7. All orders shall remain the property of the Photographer until full payment has been made. Orders cannot be divided for collection unless paid in full.
  8. The Photographer owns the Copyright of images:
    • The Photographer has the right to use the images for the purpose of display, advertising, portfolio, website, competition or any publication to promote her business.
    • The Client is given unlimited license to use the images for personal use.
    • The Client agrees not to copy, or allow anyone else to copy,  photocopy,  laser copy,  or computer scan these images.  The Clients agree not to screenshot any images from the online gallery or allow anyone else to do any screenshot with their mobile devices or computer.  To do so is in breach of this agreement.
    • All purchases include social media size digital images which carry the Photographer’s logo in the form of a watermark. The client shall not obscure or crop this watermark.
  9. The digital files remain the property of the Photographer and will be kept on file for a period of five years for re-orders. After five years the Client may be able to negotiate the release of these files with the Photographer.
  10. The Photographer will carry out the assignment with due care and professional diligence. Liability is limited to a refund of any money paid under the agreement, which shall be in full and final satisfaction of any damages or loss suffered by the inability to complete the assignment.