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Day 356 #Project365


356-365, T and teacher

Summer holiday is officially started. Today was Mr 8’s last day of school. Also, it was his last day in this school. He is going to a new school starting next year. So yeah, it was kind of big deal. The school had this farewell ‘bang’ at the end of the day to say goodbye to all the Year 6 graduates and those others who will not come back next year. A lot of chanting, screaming, banging and clapping. Not a teary goodbye for sure.

A photo of Mr 8 with his class teacher, Miss S seems appropriate for today. I love the big smiles in both of their faces. They had a good year together. A tiny chapter in my boy’s life ended. The new one is waiting just after the holiday.

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  • ria mahney26/12/2012 - 7:20 pm

    How old is your boy? If am not mistaken from what you calls him on your blog he’s 8? And he finished year 6 already?ReplyCancel

    • [ayu]26/12/2012 - 9:08 pm

      You are right. He’s only 8, but he will start his Year 4 at a new school that’s why we had to say good bye to his old one.ReplyCancel