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Day 98 #Project365

98-365 bw tree

I went to a totally new terrain for running today. Well, Cooleman Ridge is always there and it is really close too, so really it is a bit silly that only now I went there for a run. To be honest I wouldn’t get there without hubby showing me the way. I am that bad in direction.

It was a brilliant morning, sunny but cool. We needed something from a local shop so we decided to do a short run and grab whatever we needed on our way back.

It is always good to run where you’ve never been before. So many things to see, new air to breath, and people –other runners and walkers– up there were really really nice. I haven’t actually met grumpy runners/walkers to date so that’s always nice. The downside (to hubby) was new terrain for me meant more distraction. The view, the trees, the way the sun peeking through the leaves, the way our dog ran close to the edge, they were all pretty distracting. I had to stop and capture some of these with my iPhone camera. So yeah, we stopped. A lot.

I will definitely go back to the ridge in the future. Even though the uphill track is not really my thing, I think I can really get a good exercise here, after I’m done with taking photos of most of the trees, of course. In time there is going to be more running and less photo taking. For sure.

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