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Day 136 #Project365



With the day I had it was surprising that energy at all to take a single photo  let alone posted it. It might not be a wise decision to change my 50mm lens to a kit lens at the beginning of the week either, but here we are. Here’s one quick shot after a long day, a last look of the street before we turned in for the day.

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Day 47 #Project365



Sometimes you see or pass the same things everyday you don’t even look twice or regard them totally unattractive, even boring,  to be used as your object for photo of the day project. But it got me thinking. Sometimes I saw some really nice photographs which has ordinary things as their objects. What I meant was, sometimes the objects in these spectacular photographs are the things that you and I see or even use every day. It’s just out of the cleverness of the photographers that we can ‘see’ these normal/unusual/boring object in a totally different way, unexpected way. I hope to be that clever one day, to be able to see things in a not so ordinary way.  Just to get a different perspective on things, you know.

My post today was a photo of the street light in front of my house. I remember I didn’t have a lot of night photos in this blog, I thought today I’d take one. It’d be fun.

I was outside around 8.30PM, the sun had set, but it wasn’t completely dark yet. The sky looked dark purplish blue, and the dark clouds were just hanging on top of that blue. It was dark enough that the street lights were already switched on, which was good, because the light helped the iPhone camera to see. (It can’t see well in the dark). I made the finishing B/W-ish, with a slight color tone for a bit of drama. I wish it was less grainy, but come to think of it, even the noise helped complete the whole look so that the photo didn’t look like your ordinary suburban street, which was what I was after. Who knew the dull old street lights can be so interesting to photograph?

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