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Day 137 #Project365



It’s half a moth away before winter is officially here. Some of the trees had gone completely bald. You see fewer flowers, too, that was why it was quite surprising that I still found a lot of flowers still blooming in my back yard ‘jungle’. I was walking around at the back when I realised how pretty everything looked. It was around 2 PM so the sun was already at an angle this season.

I took a lot of photos with my camera and my kit zoom lens (18-105mm) and had a bit of fun. I was reminded of the joy this humble kit lens can offer and how much fun we two had before the other newer, younger, faster lens came along. I was glad to have taken it out of its bag to come out and play with me today. It was a really fine afternoon.

I picked this beautiful flower for today’s photo despite all others because of its pretty colours and I reckoned we wouldn’t have many more floral shots once the chilly winter starts to kick in. This photo is my way to remember the warmth by, which I’m sure going to be difficult in the months to come, and also as my way to say good-bye to the doom&gloom mood that caught me hard in its grip last night.

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