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Day 129 #Project365



It’s still autumn here in Canberra and I have already started to notice the challenges I was about to face going into the colder months. Winter means three things: shorter days, colder days and dark.

I need to get more organised with my days so that I can get more shots using natural lights during daylight,  and it is inevitable that I have to be extra creative with experiments/project using artificial lighting indoors. I can, of course, venture the world outside after the sun has set, but that would mean wearing three or more layers of clothing plus thick jacket and one thick glove for my left hand, as I’m sure I will need my right hands gloves free to work the camera.

Today I was lucky. Thanks to little Miss energetic who insisted we left the warmth and comfort of our car while waiting for my son to finish his tennis lesson, I discovered the blessed bright lights at the tennis court. Oh, how bright it was. And so yellow! My daughter went feral looking at the abundant falling leaves. She was running around, giggling, squealing, and having so much fun with the leaves that all I could do, really, was to sit there on the ground with my camera and started snapping away.

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