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Day 107 #Project365

107-365 on tight rope

I don’t get my kids’ excitement over playgrounds.I understand that playing at the playground is mighty fun and all, and I love to see them active in the playground (all that jumping, swinging, climbing, spinning etc) but really, aren’t they like waterfalls? You see one you’ve seen them all?

I don’t have any childhood memories of being super excited about a playground. Not in my home town (maybe back in the day it was non existent), nor when we went on a holiday, nor out of town playground. None. No record of it in my memory bank. So I was wondering why the playground becomes such an attraction to my kids.

When it comes to playground my kids are very non discriminative. Size, location, or quality do not matter to them. It can be slightly bigger than a loo, and sometimes it is located inside the loo’s premises (parent’s room nowadays offers this additional “facility” don’t ask me why) and equipped with the most mediocre old plastic stuff,   they would still go to it with as much as enthusiasm as if I take them to the super park that has super slides and three flying fox rails.

Now that we are spending a week in Sydney, I want to show them the city, you know, places I used to go to that I know they would love too, like the park or the beach , or stroll around the city or the harbour. But no. My kids just wanted to stay in the apartment. They only showed a bit of excitement when I said (with fake excitement) “Let’s go to the playground!” It was actually the one thing I used to lure them out of the apartment today. They have already spotted this playground as we drove to this place and Ms 4 has been begging endlessly ever since we checked in.

They ran instead of walked there. They had so much fun at the playground as if it was their first.

I want to explore the Botanic Garden tomorrow (if the weather permits), I can already hear myself saying “who wants to see the playground at the Botanic Garden today?” I might not understand the attraction still, but I will shamelessly use it just to get my kids to do the things I want them to do. It’s a dirty game we parents play, but I think it’s a win-win result at the end. Or, so I told myself.

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Day 105 #Project365

105-365 apple

I am still in the mood for shallow depth photo today. I actually started taking photos of a bowl of fruits that was sitting in my friend’s brand spanking new buffet table. The spot light fell on the fruits just so making the normal looking objects suddenly looked quite attractive. And the new buffet table has a special texture as well I thought I’d try to capture it.

But then I got distracted. What else is new. Oh, the photos of those bowls of fruits turned out well, by the way, but I could not help but thinking there was nothing “oomph” about the photos. Besides, how many times have we seen photos/drawings/paintings of a bowl of fruits? It’s almost like a mandatory shot for still life photography 101, isn’t it? So I thought why don’t I try with one fruit and try to shoot it differently. Luckily, there was this “ordinary” looking little black Ikea table hanging around my friend’s house. At a closer look, the ordinary table has quite an unusual surface. The black laminate of the table has some sort of sparkly finish to it. Not smooth, and not matte, but strangely shiny in the non lacquer way. And it just reflect lights in the most unusual way.

Again, I moved things around the house (that is not my own), and positioned the table under one of the many spot lights in the house, and put my one red apple on the table and shoot. I used manual focus and opened the aperture at its widest (f/1.4).

I would like to say special thanks to my good friend AS and PK in Sydney for letting me moving around furniture, dropping one table on the floor (placing a table on top of another table is just a recipe for disaster, btw), and also for letting me heavily manhandled your fruits. Remember to wash them before eating!!!

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Day 104 #Project365

104-365 handsome bruno

I read an article about shooting with aperture wide open this week. The shots were amazing (you can see them here). Dreamy, as the writer suggested. And it is true that if you get it right you can have brilliant shot, but it is easy to get it wrong, especially if you use the auto focus. Well, that’s my biggest problem anyway. I find it tricky sometimes to “lock in” a focus point, because then just a slight movement to my camera, the focus suddenly “hop” on to the next spot just a split second before I hit the shutter. And just like that a shot was ruined. I have had a lot of these overall blurry shots, or shots where the subject I wanted to focus on was blurry when the background was super sharp. All crap. But, don’t take my word for it, because I have a slight suspicion that it’s just me; this is just the thing that I have to practice on. And, yes, I’ve started shooting with manual focus as well, gave me crossed eyes from time to time, but what the heck.

Anyway, I was using my fast prime lens (Nikkor 50mm, 1.4G) for today’s shot. I bought the lens less than a year ago but it seems that our honey moon period is far from over. It is now my most frequently used lens. I only have two options really, having only two lenses to date. My other lens is a kit lens which I take out for a stroll when the guilt (of not using it often enough) became unbearable.

I went outside to see if there was anything that caught my attention. My shadow, a.k.a Bruno my labrador walking close behind. Well, more like walking with his wet nose on my leg, that’s how close. Then I saw him just staring at the street with the setting sun lighting his face. I was not sure what he was staring at, or what he was thinking, but he was sitting still like that for a few minutes. I opened the aperture really wide at f/1.4, shutter speed 1/800 and using Auto Focus.

Doesn’t he look super duper handsome in this photo?

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