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Day 55 #Project365

55-365 trees by the lake

This morning I decided to run a bit further than I usually do. Not much longer, just a kilo and a half more than my normal 5K mark around the lake. I took an additional loop (around the Aspen Island) just so I can have a distance without going too far away from my usual running route.

And also, I ran counter clockwise around the lake today. I wonder whether people running around the lake like me run the same way everyday or alternate between clockwise and counter clockwise. I usually run clockwise direction and I do that every time I go there and never really thought about it much. Until today.

So while running I tried to get a sense of the number of people going which direction without actually counting them. I couldn’t figure it out. My mind was preoccupied with this change of direction, I started listing all the different things I experience being on the other side of the path.

I found it was harder running with a dog going counter clockwise, because the dog,usually on my left, didn’t have as much grassy area as in the other side. So he kept going to the far right of the path just to pee on every other trees. Yeah, cyclists weren’t too happy with us because of this.The lake was on our left most of the time, which was fine for me, but dog seemed distracted by water and seemed like he contemplating jumping in, which was not fine.

The second bridge inclination felt harder because by the time we reached it we’ve run about 5K already. All in all it was great! I think I’m going to alternate my direction every time I go there. Dog will get used to it in time.

Anyway, I hope you like my photo for today. It was a bonus from my ‘new’ running route. Looking at the path so bright with the morning sun, and all the trees behind it provided just enough excuse for me to catch my breath and took a photo. It was indeed a very good morning!

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