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Day 160 #Project365

160-365 dizzy

Practice (I hope) does make perfect.

Today I was trying to get the best moment of these two girls while they were playing together in the play ground. This ‘contraption’ had a big round plate in the bottom that they could stand on. The girls took turn pushing this plate to spin faster and they had to hold on tight to keep from falling off the plate.

The plan was to catch both faces at the right time, their faces clear of hair/jacket/hood/rope , while also highlight the fact that the ‘contraption’ was spinning. It was so hard. Just to get a good focus on their faces already was challenging. I tried the auto focus first, but soon gave up as my lens got pretty confused with all the ropes around and focused on the ropes instead. The manual focus setting helped a bit in terms of controlling which point I wanted to set my focus on, but the constant movement of everything made making the perfect shot really challenging.

Today’s photo was not my best, but it was one of the better ones of the bunch. And it’s only 15 minutes before the day ends. So this’ll do. For now.

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