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52 Portrait Project – 2/52

This week I have a couple of portraits of some Jordanian handicraft workers I met last December. A day before Christmas  we took a tour to visit baptism site, Mount Nebo, and a mosaic town of Madaba. Just a few kilometres outside Madaba we stopped at the big Jordan River Foundation outlet that carries a huge collection of mosaic and other handicrafts. We were allowed to go to the back to see how the mosaic and other arts/handicraft objects were made. That was how I got to meet these lovely ladies.

Jordanian Women at handicraft work


They were sitting side by side behind a long working table; painting, drawing, working, laughing and chatting, and having a good jolly time at work. We came to the room and peeked behind their shoulders to see their work, while the sales assistant/lady guide was explaining us the whole process.

I asked them, via our english speaking guide, whether it was okay to take photos while they were working. The ladies were super friendly and allowed me to take photos. Then I remember that I brought my new toy with me (a Polaroid camera I got for early Christmas), and then started taking pictures of them using the Polaroid camera. I told them that they could keep all the photos I took with the Polaroid camera. They suddenly got very excited, and I started to see more twinkling in everybody’s eyes. The photo above was taken after I took the Polaroid shots. It was so much fun to see them giggling, waving the Polaroid photo, and comparing their photos with each other. There was a lot of laughter and playfulness in that workshop that day, despite our disruption to their work.

checking out polaroid photos


This 52 project is all about people portraits, but I think it would be unfair to the ladies if I did not show you some of their work that day.

ps: for more info about Jordan River Foundation, click here

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Day 364 #Project365



This photo was taken in the long tunnel towards the parking lot at Domain. We were all standing on a long express walk way there after a long day of retail therapy. Two more fun days ahead to end the year 2012. Bring it on!

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Day 305 #Project365


305-365 arts by the lake

I considered myself lucky that I happened to be in the neighborhood when I passed this ‘gathering’ of artistic people this morning. I was huffin’ and puffin’ towards the end of my morning run when I passed these students. These arts students from ANU were doing their art project called ‘Visions and Perspective’. This was only for the day. They had to take everything off by 3PM today. Some worked in groups some worked individually, but they all were busy creating art installations all over the National Gallery back lawn.

I spent my cooling-off time just wandering around these art installations. I love it! Most of them were unfinished because I think they only started that earlier morning. Even so, I think they looked pretty neat. Here are some of them.

305-365 arts by the lake 1


All photos were taken using an iPhone

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Day 257 #Project365

258-365 artclass.jpg

It’s a very artsy afternoon for us today. One of the moms from Ms 4’s school initiated this art session for kids under six at the Railway & Cafe in Weston Park. The place was totally renovated and they have a closed space with big windows for the cafe. It’s lovely. The kids colourful desks and benches were sitting just in the corner by the windows. The lighting in that corner was just perfect thanks to these windows.

Caroline is planning to teach kids painting, tracing, glueing, colouring; basically most artsy stuff and all the creative things that young kids like to do. She’s running this for free for the time being (on Thursdays, 1.30PM for 45 minutes) to see whether the kids (and their parents) like it, then she will probably take this further.

The session ended with the kids filling their little pots, that they just decorated, with dirt and ‘planted’ some seeds in the dirt to bring home.

With regards to photo taking, I had to put the telelens to rest in my camera bag today as it was raining outside and I did not really need to stand so far away from my subjects.

Nikon D90 | AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G | ISO 320 | f/2.8 | 1/25 |

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