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Day 220 #Project365

220-365 swing.jpg

The park was totally deserted this late afternoon. Not at all surprising considering what time  of the day it was and how cold and windy the day had been.  My gal was there for the playground, while I was there to work on my photography homework, which was to do portrait photography with her as my model. It was a challenging session as my child was constantly moving, and when she stopped running around, she decided to hop on the swing and kept on moving. Close to 200 frames later I could not stand the cold anymore and started a plan on how to lure her off the swing and out of the park as she could go on if I let her. I told her a mug of yummy hot chocolate with marshmallow was waiting for us out there, and soon she followed me to the car.

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Day 72 #Project365

72-365 bubbles in the grass

What kids don’t like bubbles? Well I’m sure there is one but I am yet to meet that kid. Bubbles are fun, there is nothing to dislike (almost) about bubbles.

I love taking photos of my kids playing with bubbles. The colorful hue reflecting on their shiny bulbs is beautiful to photograph, if only the bubbles could stay intact a couple more seconds longer.

We just bought a $10 bubble gun today. So much fun to be had following this purchase despite the gun’s capability to only produce teeny weeny bubbles. Bored of shooting the gun to the air, Mr 8 aimed it in the grass at the park. Turned out bubbles look pretty on grass too!

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  • sista31/03/2012 - 10:54 pm

    Yu, coba motret bubble with object behind it (bunga or anyhting), try to capture the object clearly thru the bubble
    just an idea to tryReplyCancel

    • [ayu]01/04/2012 - 8:34 pm

      ntar yah, dicoba pake DSLR..kinda impossible kalo pake iPhone. Pecahnya cepet pulak itu bubble, makes it challenging.ReplyCancel