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Day 272 #Project365

When you are as tall as my dog, you find out that not many things are within your eye level. Yes, there are the likes of toddlers, other Labradors, people crotches, or bums, and people’s knees when they are sitting down to look at, but the rest is either on the floor or way above your head. It is a human world after all.

Understanding the above aspects, I totally get why our coffee table is one of dog’s favourite furniture in the house. The table is low, and we sometimes choose to watch TV while eating and put our plates on this table. For dog that means, yummy forbidden food right in front of his nose! Not only he can smell it, he can also see it.  Oh the sweet temptation…!

This was my bowl of Korean instant noodle that I shamelessly consumed for my lunch as a way to reward myself for (finally) finishing my photography homework. The cold and wet weather outside made it the perfect hot noodle soup moment. My dining table was filled with other non dining stuff so I put my bowl on the coffee table. When I came back to take a glass of water, I saw dog sat down close and stare at it, almost drooling. I crouched down low next to dog’s ear to capture this image. The room was a bit dark because of the rain, but luckily a bit of light could still come through the windows.

This is the second image in the dog’s view-point series.


272-365 hot bowl

Nikon D90 | AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G | ISO640 | f/2.8 | 1/10 |

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