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Day 299 #Project365


299-365 riley

I came from the land of black hair and dark brown eyes, that’s why taking photographs of people with other colour of hair and eyes (non black hair, and non brown eyes) is fascinating to me. This boy is the perfect example. R is  3 years old with a thick red hair, dark green eyes and cute freckles peppering his face. His mom and I often have coffee together, but only today I had my camera ready, and only today he could sit still for about 20 seconds after he finished his hot chocolate.

I know that we have to be quick when taking photos of the little ones, but I still amazed how fast we really have to be. Twenty seconds were all I had before the sugar from his hot chocolate kicked in. No time to wipe off the chocolate from his mouth, little boys are known to despise all kind of cleaning, and no time to adjust the set up of my camera. If I could only close the aperture a bit more, I’d be able to get sharper focus on the whole face and hair. (I underestimated the brightness of the light inside the cafe). But again, no one could beat the effect of sugar in little bodies, so in one second when I looked away from him to look at my camera setting, he’s gone…sigh…

Catch him next time, I will.

Nikon D90 | AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G | ISO200 | f/2 | 1/80 |

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Day 257 #Project365

258-365 artclass.jpg

It’s a very artsy afternoon for us today. One of the moms from Ms 4’s school initiated this art session for kids under six at the Railway & Cafe in Weston Park. The place was totally renovated and they have a closed space with big windows for the cafe. It’s lovely. The kids colourful desks and benches were sitting just in the corner by the windows. The lighting in that corner was just perfect thanks to these windows.

Caroline is planning to teach kids painting, tracing, glueing, colouring; basically most artsy stuff and all the creative things that young kids like to do. She’s running this for free for the time being (on Thursdays, 1.30PM for 45 minutes) to see whether the kids (and their parents) like it, then she will probably take this further.

The session ended with the kids filling their little pots, that they just decorated, with dirt and ‘planted’ some seeds in the dirt to bring home.

With regards to photo taking, I had to put the telelens to rest in my camera bag today as it was raining outside and I did not really need to stand so far away from my subjects.

Nikon D90 | AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G | ISO 320 | f/2.8 | 1/25 |

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