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night vision – Canberra

These photos were taken about a month ago. It was a cold autumn night in Canberra, the temperature dropped to 5 degrees. Add a little of wind it actually felt even colder. I was ready in my layers of clothing (and gloves, and a beanie) I didn’t feel that uncomfortable.

Taking night photography is always interesting. Most of the time is all about keeping still, that’s why we use the help of tripod. Then it’s a matter of waiting. How long you open the shutter, how many shots you make in different type of setting etc.

Unfortunately that night, even though I brought my tripod along, I did not have that little base plate (that you screw on your camera and sits on the tripod) that usually attach to the tripod. For some strange reason, that little plate was sitting by its lonesome self at home. Go figure. If my head was not properly attach to my neck I’m sure I left it next to that plate as well. So anyway, I kicked my self for this amateur mistake, but hey, I just had to make do, didn’t I. I found a plastic crate in my car that I ended up using by placing my camera on top of it to make sure the camera didn’t move. All my shots that night were taken from a really low angle.

We did not go to many places that night. We covered areas around the lake Burley-Griffin. We stood under the two bridges looking at the direction of the new Parliament House (parked at Regatta point), Carillon, and lastly to the new Parliament House. I did not take many photos at the parliament house, I didn’t have the right lens for it. We were so close, and the building was so wide, and it just didn’t work.

These two photos were the most decent ones I took from that night.

dingdong towerunder the bridge


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the 100th birthday: night celebration

enlightened cafe

Now is the time to highlight the night entertainment during the Canberra Day long weekend. Again, I was a bit overwhelmed by the choices. Having a young kid who refused to walk by herself after 9 PM did help us remove some of the (fun) choices. The events were basically sprawled in the same area. But the area was quite big for tiny legs to walk all the way around so we decided to come two nights, taking different point of start on each, just to try to see everything.

On these nights, the National Library, the Old Parliament House, Questacon and the National Gallery was beautifully enlightened. Some graphic and colourful light was projected to the outer walls of these buildings so they looked quite spectacular. The surrounding areas were all busy with activities. I did not use my tripod these two nights since I wanted to move around and see as much as I could.

I have to say I really enjoyed taking photos that night. Everything seemed more dramatic at night. Somehow.


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Day 274 #Project365

Tonight we had so much fun at 2012 Floriade NightFest. Yes it was cold, and yes there were (still) flowers everywhere. But there was so much lights everywhere too. It was such a different experience, we had a really lovely time. The cold reminded us a bit of Christmas night market in Cologne minus the glühwein.

I love the ‘carnival’ feel to it in particular. The giant ferris wheel, the slides, the various ‘fun’ rides, and live performances, it made the night so festive. The stalls were all heavily decorated with lights, big and small. Lots of twinkle lights. I did not take a lot of flowers photos tonight, because let’s face it, that blue spotlight does nothing to those lovely yellow tulips, alright. So I let myself be enticed by those little twinkle lights. Like the ones in this stall.

I wasn’t planning on it, but it seemed that I was still used to taking my shots from my dog’s angle even when dog was not with me.

274-365 nite floriade


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Day 150 #Project365

A couple of months into this project 365, I developed a habit of taking my camera everywhere I go. Living with daily chaos of running a household with two young kids, to schedule a specific time daily for photo taking is the luxury we mothers usually don’t have. So, whenever I find myself waiting –waiting for my kids, food order, someone to pick me up– instead of reading I use it now for taking photos. Whether I feel like it or not, I know my camera is always with me and I can snap away whenever I want. It helps with my mindset as well, to always be aware and open my eyes for anything interesting I see every day, to catch the moment when it is there right in front of me. It certainly helps improve the quality of the post I do daily and it boosts my creativity.

It’s funny how the act of taking out the camera makes people around suddenly more ‘aware’ of me. I received more wary looks from people, even though we were all basically doing the ‘same’ thing; we were all doing our chosen activity to help kill the boredom that comes from waiting. I did not see anyone giving a second look to the lady sitting with her book, or that teenager who’s listening to her iPod, or the grandma whose hands were busy knitting.

It shouldn’t affect me, really, but it still does a bit. When I feel self conscious like that I tend to take the shot from a ‘normal’ angle. However, now  I become more accustom to people looking at me like I’m nuts. Just another crazy lady with a camera. I guess it is hard to understand why fallen leaves are so interesting that one just has to sit on the ground, crouch really low and taking billion shots at them. I completely understand how weird that must look.

150-365 tennis net

Today’s photo was taken while I was waiting for my son to finish his weekly tennis lesson. It was close to 6 PM, and the sun has gone down. It was really cold* out there so I tried to move around more to get warmer. I started to see the appeal of taking photos during winter time, as I see a lot of different lights of different colours and size twinkling away as the days get dark. I just have to find away to keep my face warm. Balaclava anyone? Now THAT will give people a real reason (and permission?) to look at me funny.

* This month is the coldest May in 51 years in Canberra!

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  • inthetaratory29/05/2012 - 11:16 pm

    These are really lovely colours… reds and yellows and greens and blues and blacks and whites, all from looking through a basic fence! Very impressive.ReplyCancel