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the 100th birthday: night celebration

enlightened cafe

Now is the time to highlight the night entertainment during the Canberra Day long weekend. Again, I was a bit overwhelmed by the choices. Having a young kid who refused to walk by herself after 9 PM did help us remove some of the (fun) choices. The events were basically sprawled in the same area. But the area was quite big for tiny legs to walk all the way around so we decided to come two nights, taking different point of start on each, just to try to see everything.

On these nights, the National Library, the Old Parliament House, Questacon and the National Gallery was beautifully enlightened. Some graphic and colourful light was projected to the outer walls of these buildings so they looked quite spectacular. The surrounding areas were all busy with activities. I did not use my tripod these two nights since I wanted to move around and see as much as I could.

I have to say I really enjoyed taking photos that night. Everything seemed more dramatic at night. Somehow.


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Day 215 #Project365

215-365 babygal.jpg

When my kids were still tiny babies, I learned soon enough the difference in their cries. Thought it was a myth at first, but I turned a believer once I could actually tell the hungry cry from a sleepy one, or the -I’m-sick- cry from simple boredom cry. Now that they are bigger, they cry less, but cry nonetheless especially when emotions or pain gets too overwhelming. Mere words just won’t do.

There was a sad moment today for Ms 4. Due to some transportation problem (a.k.a car battery had gone flat) we had to cancel her -much-expected-and-super-excited-for- play date after school. She was so disappointed and sad. She wasn’t whinging, nor complaining, instead she just burst into tears and sobbed. Remembering how I could tell her cry when she was a baby, I felt her pain now too; her sadness about not being able to go and play with her friends.  Oh, the disappointment. For us it’s probably nothing, because we knew we could always re-scheduled the play date, and it’s not like these kids are not going to see each other tomorrow at school anyway. But for her, that one moment today, it was more like the sky was falling, and her world came tumbling down. That’s how hard she cried. I could only hug her while she was sobbing and sobbing in my arms, and it was heartbreaking!

She was okay again afterwards, and the car’s battery been fully charged as well in case you are wondering. This smiley portrait of her is just my way to cheer myself up and highlight what a happy girl she is. I couldn’t take her pain away today, but I was there to comfort her and to get through it. It’s another lesson I learn as a parent. Pain is inevitable for our children, all we can do is be there for them. Always.

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Day 118 #Project 365

118-365 kiddos

I have done project 365 for over 100 days, and one thing I know for sure I love in photography is photographing children. Strangely, I only posted a very few children photos to date. Not that I did not take a lot of them, I consciously wanted to try to shoot other things, and posted them instead of the children photos. I feel there is a danger of specialising too much too soon if I only limit myself of photographing little children. As a newbie photographer my approach is to try to imitate the learning process of a management trainee in a corporation. A management trainee has to go from one department to another in order to learn as much as knowledge as possible that at the end of the program they can choose which area suits them best based on skills and interest. I may not be as systematic in my learning, but you get the idea.

Children are both a joy and a nightmare to shoot. Their expression is so pure and raw, which is a joy. But their sudden mood swift can be quite a nightmare. They are not as self-conscious as us adults. When they are happy then their whole being just brighten up buzzing happiness and joy; twinkling eyes, ear to ear grin, probably even a jump. But to get them that happy is a different ball game all together. Even when they cry some kids can still look cute. I think their energy is what draws me to them. To capture the energy and innocent emotions of children in photographs is one of the things I want to master.

Today was the last Friday of the kids’ school holiday, we were just mucking around at home, then I suddenly had the idea of taking photos of my kids together because we haven’t done it for a while of them together. After we agreed on acceptable bribery, I told them just to sit together and ready for my instructions. I did not want them to pose too much, not that they would be willing to listen to me anyway, but I asked them to sit together. I wanted a nice brother&sister photo of them together that hopefully will show each kid’s personality.

It was a simple plan, wasn’t it? Noooo. I caught myself yelling out things to them it was so far away from a nice peaceful photo session that I envisioned in my head.

“foot out of your brother’s face, please”
“no, I said take her shoulder, not strangling her”
“Toys OFF your mouth, please!!!”
“Look at me! Look at me with eyes OPEN”
“No, thank you, but we are not shooting your bellybutton”
“Can you just let her breath?!”
“Don’t squash your brother’s eye!”
“Hair. Off. Your. Mouth”

Despite the “colourful” session, we had a good time and had a lot of laughs. It’s a good thing the room was beautifully lit and I have a great fast lens that I did not have to spent too much time changing the set up. A lot of images turned out really great. This one is my favourite of the bunch. Hope you like it.

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Day 94 #Project365

94-365 sleeping butterfly

you love them to pieces
they drive you mad
they made you laugh
but they tug your heart so when they sleep so peacefully as this
even with full-blown butterfly paint in her face
here’s to my 10 minutes of peace…

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