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Day 125 #Project365

126-365 Leia

It’s not enough that I felt quite disoriented and lost being out in public without an iPhone (my scatterbrain self accidentally left it at home), I suddenly found myself surrounded by intergalactic characters in mini sizes that caused further slip in my grip to reality. It was quite overwhelming.There were a couple of Leias, one really small Darth Vader, one not so scary Darth Maul, Storm Troopers and some alien breed of fairy princess Amadala (this little girl had that one red line thing happening on her lips while wearing a fairy princess dress and wings).

We were at Paper Chain in Manuka where they held an event celebrating May the 4th for the kids. As Mr 8 is a big fan, there were nowhere else he’d rather be. A grown up Princess Leia holding a bucket of lollies proved to be hard for intergalactic heroes (and villains) to resist. May the 4th be with us parents to handle bouncy kids who are flying sugar high this fine Friday night. What comes up will come down, and in this case more like come crashing down.

125-365 Yoda

Master Yoda was drawn by the store staff. Nicely done, don’t you think?

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