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Portrait Project 18/52


Autumn in Canberra.

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  • holdlifestill36506/05/2014 - 11:15 am

    Ayu – lovely. The bokeh, the reds and yellows and your expressions. Portraits, not selfies, are hard, aren’t they?ReplyCancel

    • [ayu]06/05/2014 - 5:03 pm

      Thank you. Portraits are indeed hard. Especially outdoor like this. There was a lot of wind, and the sun was playing peek-a-boo..! Btw, this is not a selfie. My friend was very kind to be my model ..at my impromptu call as well! xReplyCancel

night vision – Canberra

These photos were taken about a month ago. It was a cold autumn night in Canberra, the temperature dropped to 5 degrees. Add a little of wind it actually felt even colder. I was ready in my layers of clothing (and gloves, and a beanie) I didn’t feel that uncomfortable.

Taking night photography is always interesting. Most of the time is all about keeping still, that’s why we use the help of tripod. Then it’s a matter of waiting. How long you open the shutter, how many shots you make in different type of setting etc.

Unfortunately that night, even though I brought my tripod along, I did not have that little base plate (that you screw on your camera and sits on the tripod) that usually attach to the tripod. For some strange reason, that little plate was sitting by its lonesome self at home. Go figure. If my head was not properly attach to my neck I’m sure I left it next to that plate as well. So anyway, I kicked my self for this amateur mistake, but hey, I just had to make do, didn’t I. I found a plastic crate in my car that I ended up using by placing my camera on top of it to make sure the camera didn’t move. All my shots that night were taken from a really low angle.

We did not go to many places that night. We covered areas around the lake Burley-Griffin. We stood under the two bridges looking at the direction of the new Parliament House (parked at Regatta point), Carillon, and lastly to the new Parliament House. I did not take many photos at the parliament house, I didn’t have the right lens for it. We were so close, and the building was so wide, and it just didn’t work.

These two photos were the most decent ones I took from that night.

dingdong towerunder the bridge


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the 100th birthday: one very big day

Monday, 11th March 2013, was a big celebratory day in Canberra, thus the name, One Very Big Day. Events, live performances, food, dances, you name it were all there around the lake Burley-Griffin.

 Canberra is a city built on words: it was created as a place for the nation to meet and communicate, so WORDS is our theme. Canberra… in so many Words.

source: canberra100.com.au

On that day I was predominantly involved in Indonesian Home project, which was a collaboration between AILSA (Australia Indonesia Language School Association) and the Indonesian embassy. In accordance with the theme quoted above, we, together with other people from diverse cultural background created our own big words, and built a fun space at the Rond Terrace filled with a ‘home’ flavour.

We had entertainments and various activities throughout the day in our Home stall. We had the kids dancing, gamelan workshop, kids’ space where you can do some arts and crafts, and trying out Indonesian traditional clothes, and many more. The day was packed that I could not venture out the area on the other side of the lake where they held the longest bubbly bar, all the yummy gourmet food and live music. I walked a bit along ‘my’ side of the lake, and I was happy to see a landscape of letters and words every where I went, though not too happy to see how long the line was in front of the ice cream truck.

The day was hot and there were lots and lots of people. The sun seemed to be on top of our heads for a very long time, it made taking photos challenging. I had to use my camera flash  to minimise dark shadows and light people’s faces and made adjustments every time.

The One Very Big Day took days to recover from…

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Day 351 #Project365


351-365, black swans

Looks like I wasn’t the only one who thought the day was too nice to stay inside.

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Day 244 #Project365

244-365 cyclist.jpg

The wind blew freezing air in the last winter morning in Canberra. Nothing around me could stand still, everything was under the mercy of the wind, moving this way and that. The flags were flapping wildly, as well as the leaves and those new popping flower buds on some trees, even my hat decided to leave my head during my run. It was craaaazy.

This bald tree, however, was one of the few things that stood still in this part of the lake. Those leafless branches were so stiff and just refused to budge. I set up my camera, wanting to capture the stubbornly still tree, until another moving object swiftly passed us by.

Swoosh he went. Just like the wind.

Nikon D90 | AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED | ISO 100 |f/16 | 1/60

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