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Day 260 #Project365


260-365 bw selfie

Ok. A lousy attempt was better than zero attempt. At least today. One thing I like the least is taking a Self Portrait. However, Darren Rowse from DPS yesterday posted pretty good shot of himself (plus instructions) on how to do Self Portrait using an iPhone, which he then posted in Instagram.

Feeling quite tired after spending almost the day out and found myself totally empty on ideas to post today, I thought I’d give it a try. So here was my take on the Self Portrait on an iPhone today. I used Snapseed to edit; to crop it, to adjust contrast/sharpness/blurriness and changed it into black and white. The light was not great in the room where I took the picture, hopefully the lack of colours helped to hide some not so pleasant details. 😉

Despite my aversion to Self Portrait, I thought the exercise was quite fun, I would definitely give it another try next time with better lighting.

Photo was taken using an iPhone

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Day 103 #Project365

103-365 nikon d90

Something has been nagging me these past weeks. Nothing bad. It’s about this photo blog. I decided to embark on this project 365 thinking it would give me a good challenge and help me with my photography. Some people say it does not matter what camera you use, you just need to have “a good eye” and practice practice practice. I think I agree to a certain extend. The great iPhone camera and the challenge of posting a photo a day with project 365 succeed in making me stop and think about things I do every day, things I see, touch, or experienced. Being this “aware” enriched my photography learning, and my iPhone camera, tiny as it is with only a fixed lens, helps me creating some interesting images.

But now, the heart wants more. I still enjoy being spontaneous with my iPhone, don’t get me wrong. And nothing beats the convenience of an iPhone. Take a shot, edit it, and post it, all in one device.  However, I think it’s time for me to turn this up a notch.

I am going to start including photos I take with my DSLR too from now on. Not exclusively like I did iPhone (at the beginning of this project), but alternately. I said to turn this up a notch, not make it a mission impossible. I really think I will learn more too. Despite its “greatness”, that tiny iPhone camera has its limitations. At times I found myself not taking a photo  because I knew my iPhone camera could not handle it (various reasons: low light, object moving too fast etc). And other times I’ve gone the whole day taking hundreds of photos with my DSLR just to realise (in slight panic) that I haven’t taken any with my iPhone.

So there. I’m gonna do this. Let’s see where it will take me… *slightly nervous now*

Breathe out.

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  • Tracie Louise13/04/2012 - 9:29 am

    I think equipment does help. I took some fantastic shots with my old D40, but the D90 definitely gave me more “scope”. Practise is vital though. And I also believe that having and “eye” is something that you either have or don’t have.ReplyCancel

  • [ayu]13/04/2012 - 1:46 pm

    Hi Tracie,
    I totally agree with you. Equipment does help. It’s just that as a newbie I need to discipline my self into NOT thinking that it is the equipment’s fault and not my own when it comes to bad photos. Because it is easier to complain about your camera then accept the fact that it is our own skill that needs shaping up.

    I believe (or hope? 😉 ) I do have the “eye” for this.

    Let’s see where this project is taking me. I have been enjoying if so far. Thank you for your comment!ReplyCancel