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Day 260 #Project365


260-365 bw selfie

Ok. A lousy attempt was better than zero attempt. At least today. One thing I like the least is taking a Self Portrait. However, Darren Rowse from DPS yesterday posted pretty good shot of himself (plus instructions) on how to do Self Portrait using an iPhone, which he then posted in Instagram.

Feeling quite tired after spending almost the day out and found myself totally empty on ideas to post today, I thought I’d give it a try. So here was my take on the Self Portrait on an iPhone today. I used Snapseed to edit; to crop it, to adjust contrast/sharpness/blurriness and changed it into black and white. The light was not great in the room where I took the picture, hopefully the lack of colours helped to hide some not so pleasant details. 😉

Despite my aversion to Self Portrait, I thought the exercise was quite fun, I would definitely give it another try next time with better lighting.

Photo was taken using an iPhone

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Day 139 #Project365




139-365 bald tree139-365 oval tree

Today’s post features two of my favorite trees. They are two completely different trees, as you can see above. I have posted a photo of each tree in previous months, but again, as they are my favorites,  they will be featured probably many more times than you like or care.

The bald tree I see everyday during the weekdays as it was located between my kids’ two schools. I took this photo around 9AM after the school drop-off, when the fog was still very thick and the temperature only reached 1 degree. I took the photo with my iPhone and used the internal photo app inside another app called Path for the post processing.

The other tree is the tree I fondly named ‘my’ oval tree. It’s a beautiful healthy tree that’s located at the Oval (field with athletic tracks) across the street from my house. The photo was taken around 5PM when the weather was nice with beautiful patchy clouds patterns and around 13 degrees (we reached the top of 16 degrees today, beautiful and sunny).

This was a typical autumn day in Canberra. Foggy cloudy freezing and depressing morning does not always mean an equally depressing cold day ahead. Just like the day we had today.  The warmth from the sun and a beautiful blue sky always makes up for the freezing and ‘appalling’ misty morning.

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Day 67 #Project365

67-365 car key

These are my keys. All keys together in a bunch. I never leave home without them. I have them with me always. That’s why it came as a shock after I took a good look at the photo to find that most of the beads (that made my key ring) was missing!

I bought this beautiful key ring made out of string of beads two summers ago at a weekend market in Port Stephen. I remembered losing one string, could hardly miss the moment it broke off with beads noisily clattering around me, and another time I found another string with beads still on inside my laundry room. But that was it. There were five or six strings originally, I was quite surprised to see only one string left. Whatever happened with the rest?

Anyway, my key ring was not what I want to write about. I just wanted to point out a new iPhone app that I used to shoot this photo. It’s the new photography application by SmugMug that you can download FREE from AppStore called Camera Awesome (no, it’s really the name, Camera Awesome with button to Awesomize your photo!). It’s the app that makes everybody talking (check out this article for a full review).

I’ve had this app for a week but today was the first time I used it to shoot photo. It really is a good app. I mean, look at my old boring keys with its last breath of a key ring, don’t they look a tiny bit special?

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