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not. happy. mum.

It was a hot humid day that weekend. Ms K was all dressed up in Indonesian costume ready to join the children’s parade in Civic for the 2013 Canberra Multicultural Festival. The waiting was too long, the day was too hot, the walk from the parking to the venue was too far, well, basically, everything was too wrong for her. And to top it all off, she was extra upset that I did not bring her swimmers so she could ‘swim’ in the pond (with water fountain) while we were waiting for the event to start.

As you can see, this sad face would not listen to reasons (that the ankle-deep pond was not a swimming pool, that swimming naked was not a good idea, that getting herself all wet without a towel insight would be bad before the parade, you get the idea), so she plunked herself down by the pond looking like her world just ended.

Since I have nothing acceptable to offer her, all I did was trying to capture this rare and honest emotions. Ms K is a happy child, she is mostly very cheeky and bubbly; so as much as I hated to see her feeling miserable, I was glad I could capture this miserable expression. This portrait of her shows her personality in a different ‘light’.

A few moments after, the rain came and she bounced back to her old cheerful self and happily running around in the rain, playing with her umbrella and stepped on all the puddles. The rain saved the day.



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