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Day 355 #Project365


355-365, cookie baking

My little elf was very helpful and looking very happy in our last day of baking. I love baking, so these pre-Christmas baking days are one of my favourite days in the year. The house smells wonderful with the smell of cookies baking in the oven, and I truly enjoyed listening to the non-stop chatters of my little girl, who broke into Christmas songs every now and then while she dusted the cookies with sugar.

My mom did a lot of baking too before Christmas when I was a kid. I remember I used to just watch her, and patiently waited to taste anything coming straight from the oven. Those were the good times! I have no memory of me helping her (because I probably didn’t), but I remember I ate a lot of the ‘dud’ ones, you know, the not-so-perfect-in-shape freshly baked cookies. Or ate whichever I could get and got kicked out of the kitchen straight away.

Sigh…. Christmas always makes me feel so homesick…

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