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Day 162 #Project365

162-365 arts and crafts.jpg

Oh what fun to be had at the handmade market today. I love this kind of market. All those gorgeous stuff out there were so colourful and beautiful, and useful … well, most of them were, and they were all handmade! How wicked is this? I always give more respect to those who are good with needles and threads and go gaga over their creation, simply because I can’t sew to safe my life. But there were so many other things that people have created at today’s handmade market I couldn’t help but feeling impressed with their high level of creativity. The buzz of energy in that hall was just fantastic.

I am posting several photos of things that caught my attention today.

162-365 crafter

162-365 crafter ring162-365 crafter

The nice lady in pink hair and a hamburger hairband is the creator of the Princess Leia ring shown in the one of the pictures. Everything in her stall, Nerd Burger, was whimsical, colourful and fun. And she’s also one of the friendlier sellers there, as some could get really mean (telling your daughter off from touching, for example), and became testy upon facing someone (me) with a camera on hand. I promised her I would include her website should I decided to upload my photos, so here it is: nerdburgerjewellery.blogspot.com.

162-365 homemade crafts.jpg  162-365 homemade black met.jpg

162-365 chalk.jpg

These are the Chalk Playmats by kaboodle. Came in three sizes these mats can be easily rolled-in for safe keeping, and rolled-out on whatever surface you want around the house. Ms 4 stayed awhile in this stall drawing this and that with the colourful chalk and had to be dragged away from it.

162-365 beewax candle.jpg

These are candles made of bees-wax. They smelled wonderful and made in several different and beautiful shapes. Too bad I lost their name card, I couldn’t share the link to their website.

162-365 ring.jpg

Last but not least was this ring. I got this ring during a random 3 seconds 100% discount blitz! It’s made of some metal wiring, for my lack of better words, and he made some right at the stall, Cats Pyjamas (no working link, sorry).

The handmade market ended today, better check their website (www.handmademarket.com.au) so you don’t miss the next one.

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