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Day 165 #Project365

165-365 bread dough.jpg

Between my son and myself I’m not sure who was more excited about this bread making business today. He’s excited because this was his first time making bread. And I was excited simply from watching Mr 8 got down and dirty with his hands, which was not a frequent occurrence. All that gooey sticky dough all over his hands, and he didn’t mind it? Get out of town!

He came a long way, indeed. I remember growing up he really hated getting dirty. He hated that gooey/gunk sticky dirty kind of thing, and the disgusting mess and sticky factor that usually came with them. He didn’t trust painting by hand (those gooey paint on hand was too much). He took a step (or two) back when all his friends playing with a gooey blob his pre-school one time made so the kids could enjoy that squishy feeling and just generally made a mess every where and loving it. Toilet training was a breeze thanks to this. He is not as squeamish now as he was before, though he would still look at his sister’s mud soup (sand+dirt+water) suspiciously. Well, can you blame him, I would too.

All in all, it was a good day indeed. He was super proud of his first bread, and I am just super proud of the boy he is. My bread making boy.

165-365 bread dough.jpg

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