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Day 212 #Project365

212-365 frost.jpg

The winter this year turned out to be quite a serious one. The cold weather was not just a tease. This winter we had the cold temperature, freezing wind, and then some. We were greeted with frosty morning today. Even around 9 in the morning we could see a lot of white on the ground. In the shadowed area where the light hasn’t touched, everything was icy white.

I’ve lived here almost 6 years now, and this morning was the first time I saw the sign “Caution! Slippery surface, ice on path”. I kid you not Yes, the signs (more than two of them) were not permanent signs, but they were there. Apparently there was a layer of ice covering the whole concrete in some paths around the lake that was under the shadows, and it made the area quite slippery. As I continued running, two guys were sprinkling the path with salt to melt the ice. Such and odd thing to see here as I’ve never seen people doing this in Canberra. Ever.

I think the whole week we will be greeted by cold frost in this town, so better rug up and extra careful for possible ice on the ground. My hope is after a serious winter like this we will be hit with a nice hot summer, unlike the fake one we had last year.

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