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Day 96 #Project365

96-365 fresh fig

Today was the first time I ate a fresh fig. Ever.

I’ve eaten dried figs before, a lot of times but one time I saw a photo of fresh fig and I was not quite sure what that was until I read the caption and that was when it hit me. I’ve never eaten a fresh fig before.

Growing up in Jakarta, figs were not very common. Fresh nor dried. Fig, or buah Ara in Indonesian, simply were not around. At first I thought maybe it was me who forgot ever seeing/eating this fruit, but after asking my dad about it, his answer confirmed that I’ve never had fig before. Well, he actually said he thought it only existed in the bible. (Adam and Eve used fig’s leaves to cover their you know what). I know, right. Gotta love him. Then I quickly did a search in Google, nowadays more people are growing Figs in Indonesia, but only of certain type.

So, back to my first ever fig experience, I can say it was really pleasant.  Those figs were very soft to touch, they were really ripe. I cut straight in the middle and was just looking at its interesting flesh. There was a lot of details inside this fruit, then I started poking it, squeezing it this way and that before I sucked the flesh in. It’s so sweet, not too juicy, the texture was softer than it looked, and it was really nice.

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