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Day 87 #Project365

87-365 spiderman87-365 batman

When a blur of red and black ran past me, I could see both my kids were in the world of their own. Little Spidey and Catgirl were running around in their make-believe world fighting crimes, or most likely fighting each other, making optimal use of the ‘free time’ before dinner. They made these characters their own by adding their favourite ‘weapons’ to carry; wooden sword for Spidey, and an arrow for Ms Catgirl. Ten minutes later they swapped costumes and each added a cape to the new character and new story to enact.

Lucky me that upon assuming these character they became more cooperative and let me take photos of them. Still I had to be quick they had to rush elsewhere to rescue someone from the cave…or something. Here’s to the world of make-believe and to those who can still visit it and have tremendous fun in it.

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