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Day 132 #Project365


132-365 colorful leaves

Consider today’s post is a bumper post, or my sick day edition (hopefully we have minimal of these days this year). As I am still feeling blaah and totally not up to taking any photos today, I posted a photo I took during my photo walk last Anzac Day (25 April). This was (what used to be) a grassy ground in one of the parking areas near Acton park. The grass has all dried up and made pretty by the contrasting colour of the fallen leaves peppered on top of it.

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Day 116 #Project365

116-365 floral steps

Rose petals covered steps they were not. They looked pretty special indeed that I could not help but think of colourful flowers people decorate the church or the steps outside the church with at weddings. Well, these are not that kind of steps. And those colourful things you see on them were not flowers. Not flowers, you read right. They were the fallen leaves from nearby trees. These steps were located in a parking lot close to Acton park that I happened to find today.

It was not raining today, so I thought I braved the cold world outside, and what a cold world it was. Autumn in Canberra is like the whole season of dress rehearsal for winter. Because most of the days they do feel wintery cold. Plus the icy wind, let’s not forget that. I went out for a couple of hours today for the sole purpose of taking photos. The sun was out, and yes it was very windy, but since it was not raining, out all rugged up in a thick winter coat I went for a little me time.

I went to a few places, parked the car and walked around the area looking to capture something that felt special to me. It was a brilliant day to take photos, but I could not stay out too long, it was freezing. But I’m glad I went out and did the photo walk today. It was a very much-needed me time in the second week of the kids’ school holiday. The photo walk was fruitful. Now I have several images I can use and can start work on my assignment!

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