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Day 110 #Project365

110-365 light play

It was only two hours before the 110th day of 2012 ends, and I had no photo to show for. Well, I did, several actually, but they were all taken out of desperation and of totally random things, so I was not too happy with them.

Then I remembered the article from the magazine I read today about playing with lights, long exposures etc. An idea started to form while looking at Ms 4’s new flare. It’s a toy flare/torch thing, made of plastic and would glow  in three different colours at various  speed frequency at the push of a button.

I set up the tripod, prepared the camera, had my “assistant” ready (Mr 8 was very eager) then we started playing. I was behind the camera, and Mr 8 in front of me in a completely dark room holding the torch and gone nuts with it. Sometimes I used a timer, and hop on in front of camera and held the torch myself. We also tried both of us together with different torches. It was quite fun. Very experimental. For today’s photo I set the ISO at 200, aperture at f/8 and long shutter speed (3 seconds).

On the day like today where I ran out of idea/inspiration, I think it’s important to push myself into trying something new. It somewhat made me excited again, even though it was already late when I started the light play. My mind already started thinking of other ideas to make the long exposure shots more interesting, and maybe a bit more controlled. So many shots of today were purely accidental because this was my first time. But it will get better in time, I’m sure of it. So, until next time light play!

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