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the wild west

My children are at the enjoyable age to hang around with. Yes they fight sometimes, but they also love to play together. When they play, it’s so much fun to watch, or listen to. They are not always welcome spectators, let alone a spectator with a lens, but this one day, they didn’t mind me hovering around.

The scene was the Wild West. We just got back from a local fair where my son bought a Cowboys showbag. As soon as we got home he got dressed up as a sheriff (cowboy hats, the badge, gun holder, etc) , and created a story and played it out with his sister. We keep a lot of costumes at home, they love to play dress-up, so it’s quite enjoyable to watch them mix  and match old and new costumes to really get into characters.

the town's sherif

My son stayed the town’s sheriff the whole time, but my daughter moved from the sheriff’s deputy to the town’s worst bandit, and changed her outfit accordingly.

And Bruno the dog played the town’s drunk very very well. He was snoring, didn’t even move a muscle even with all the commotion around him.

the town's drunk


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