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Day 88 #Project365

88-365 white horse

To see the sun after the whole morning of rain and gloom was really nice. I was driving home when I realised even the clouds looked lovely. They looked beautiful in their colors and shapes. It was the perfect timing at the right place. This spot became another one of my favourite spots in Canberra. I parked in the same spot I took my first Canberra sunset. The sun was a bit too high up for another sunset shot, but it was low enough that made it perfect for photograph. My kids did not even questioning me why we stopped there anymore once they saw the view through the car windows.

I really love living in a place where I can pass beautiful scenery like this on a daily basis. Growing up in a big city like Jakarta where it was more like a concrete jungle it was so different that this whole spread of nature feels extra special. And so Australian.

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  • inthetaratory31/03/2012 - 2:34 pm

    This is my favourite photo of yours so far this year. I think I wrote a Facebook status similar to this the other day – Canberra looks its best when there are dark clouds in the distance, but still sun shining, and the grass is green from all th erain. You’ve captured this so perfectly. Coppins Crossing is lovely – and so central!ReplyCancel