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Day 126 #Project365

126-365 redhill look out

This view was taken from the Red Hill look out. It was my first time being there and I had to agree that the view of Canberra from the look out was pretty special. We were there around dusk and the temperature had dropped quite dramatically.  The colour of the sky had been pretty spectacular today, it ranged from burst of orangey red to what you see now in the photo, a gradation of pink to purplish hue, that’s why Hubby took me there so I could capture ‘the moment’ better for my today’s post. He is nice like that.

I know that a wide lens is not on the top of my ‘want’ list, but how I wish I had it as I stood there at the look out looking down.

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Day 120 #Project365


Today was the last day of school holiday in Canberra. It’s a typical Sunday in the suburb. We drove around a nearby suburb looking for a fast food restaurant for a quick take-away. Too tired to cook, and couldn’t be bothered with more nutritious choice. Good thing I bothered to look up to see this sunset sky, otherwise we will suffer another book cover pattern shot.

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  • Cassie30/04/2012 - 12:17 pm

    I was just looking at other people’s 365 photos on wordpress and I came across yours. I lived in Canberra for 8 months last year and I missed it so much as soon as I saw your photo. There were the most brilliant sunsets there. Wow, I miss it. Thank you for this.ReplyCancel

    • [ayu]30/04/2012 - 2:04 pm

      Thanks a lot Cassie! I love it when people just “stumbled” on my post and liking it. Sunset scene is one of my fave shot to take, so I have a couple of those in here (invitation to look around my blog is officially extended). I agree with you sunset in Canberra can be quite magical..ReplyCancel

Day 112 #Project365

As we were sitting in the car for the light to go green (still in Sydney) I noticed the beautiful St Mary Cathedral sprawled right in front of us. We’ve passed it many times this afternoon trying (unsuccessfully) to find a free parking spot in the city, but this time our car was stoping right in front of it thanks to the red light, and we were facing the cathedral without any obstacle. The sun was in its perfect position. It was not as high and lighted the old church just right, highlighting it and made the old church really stood out.

We waited there awhile (the light took forever it seemed), but this once I had no problem with it. It took me two seconds to dig through the junk inside my bag for my iPhone. I quickly took the shot from the passenger seat inside the car, at the same time thinking, man, the wind screen is super dirty. Then the light turned green.

I looked at the photo after, and was quite surprised at how nice it turned out, despite me taking it through the dirty wind screen. I think sitting in the car was the best position for it. It was just the right angle for it. It would be almost impossible if I were on foot. It’s right in the middle of a very busy road! This brought me back to a couple of days back when I was driving through Kings Cross area going towards Darlinghurst. There was this stop light in Potts Point where the trees from both sides of the road were intertwined at the top. With their colors started to change, it would really make a great shot of the curving street. But impossible, of course, because one, I was driving at that time, and second, I have to stand right in the middle of the road to do it.

So, until I am game enough to risk my self being hit by a car (or by gunmen) taking photos right in the middle of Kings Cross, you’ll just have to put up with the ones taken from a safe(r) location.

112-365 church sydney

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Day 65 #Project365

65-365 reflection

Today was probably the only Monday that people actually happy to wake up to. The sun finally shining. After a week of rain, you couldn’t help but missing the heat, the warmth, the dryness that only the sun can offer.

The lake was dirty. A lot of debris, branches and all sort. There was even a sign (!) for people not to do anything in the lake because the increase amount of bacteria suspected in the water. Maybe that explained the brownish color closer to the shore. I used an HDR app that’s why the color was more enhanced, and it helped bring out the detail of background building and trees and their reflection in the water.

Other than that the day was brilliant. Blue clear sky and just look at the sun.

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